What I’m Reading Now – Les Miserables

I finished reading two books, Stephen King’s Elevation and Mary Oliver’s A Thousand Mornings.

First, Stephen King’s latest short story. I found it to be engaging, with an interesting premise and characters who drew me in. The story itself is quite simple and I expect Netflix will be making it into a movie soon. It will be interesting to see how they use CGI with the main character. I wonder if their version of the ending will be as good as my imagine was! The ending alone is worth reading this book. Recommended.

Mary Oliver is one of my favourite poets. She makes me forget everything while I’m reading her work and I am able to see the world through her eyes in all of it’s new and sparkling glory. This book contains a few poems about her pet Percy who died and they are heart-breakingly beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. If you haven’t read anything by Mary Oliver you’re missing out. Highly Recommended.

I started reading Les Miserables last night on my Kindle. I’ve tried to read my hardcover copy a few times (I like to read before I go to sleep) and it was so darn heavy I couldn’t get through it. On my Kindle it’s easy going and so far so good. If you’d like to read a preview and check it out here’s the link:

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