Sci-Fi Anthology Includes The Umbrella and the Wind by Cathy McGough



My story can’t be previewed as it’s further back in the anthology.

New NetGalley Review mentions my story:

Here’s a sneak preview just for you!

The Umbrella and the Wind

Cathy McGough

It was Friday the 13th and the wind was whipping around. Things which weren’t meant to fly were bouncing and ricocheting. Across and over. Somersaulting all around me.

On such a day some retired persons might have remained in bed, but not I. Why should I venture out, on such a dreadful day? For this reason and this reason alone — I needed a strong cup of coffee.

Consequently, I played dodgem, ducking and diving to get myself out of the house and into my car. Then I made my way toward the nearest drive-through. I wasn’t the only one brave enough to venture into the unknown to cure my caffeine addiction.

The queue moved forwards, inching along. I placed my order for an Extra Strong Vanilla Latte then car crawled my way toward the window to pay. I reached across for my wallet and discovered I’d left it at home.

The lady at the window reached out her hand and pulled it back in again to avoid a small branch which contacted my window then bounced into hers.

“Change,” I said, as the woman reached out again. I was still rifling through the glove compartment and cup slots. After counting I had seventy-eight cents. Under my seat was another dollar. I continued searching, while the cars behind me waited and the guy directly behind me honked, others following.

“That’ll do,” the woman said, as she took the coins and handed me the coffee.

I smiled my biggest smile and said, “Thank you.” I closed the window and pulled away, ever so grateful. The coffee smelled like heaven, but I held off taking a sip until the first red light.

As I waited, sipping, savouring, an unhumanned umbrella cracked my windshield with its wooden handle before bouncing away, and coming to rest on a nearby tree branch.

I didn’t even realize the java was burning me until the light changed. I pulled over safely and stepped out of the vehicle. Nothing like hot coffee running down your leg into your socks and shoes. I shook my leg, like a dog who’d recently had a bath.

I saw it coming, but it was too late.

That damned umbrella. Again.




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