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I get between 25-50 requests for book reviews every week. Unsolicited requests go straight into AutoPurge as I don’t have time to read the requests let alone to read the books.

I plan my reading in advance as this time is precious to me. I want to choose the books I read myself. To purchase them so if/when I do a review it’s a Verified Review.  And if I don’t have time or don’t want to write a review, I don’t feel like I have to because someone sent me a “free copy.”

If you want book reviews, here are some options for you with links:




There is a paid for option here, but if you’re not in a hurry a free review is the best way to go. They only post 4 or 5 star reviews. If you get 5 Stars you get a badge to put on  your book cover.

More Ideas:

There are plenty of Facebook Groups which offer free reviews.

There are plenty of Goodreads Groups which offer free reviews.

There are also lots of Bloggers looking for things to write about. Have you considered doing a Blog Tour? This can get you reviews. Just google it and no, it’s not free but it’s cheaper than a Kirkus Review.


These cost $425.00 US for a regular review (7-9 weeks) or $575.00 US if you want an Express Review (4-6 weeks.) Although you’re paying for the review nothing is guaranteed.

I appreciate writers are making money selling books telling you how to get reviews.  Some of them have even hit best seller status. Great job! I’ve purchased a few of these books myself. Don’t think I received a single review though. because we are all doing the same things. I see the same templates over and over again with fill in the blank info.  It’s heartbreaking sometimes to see this, but as I can’t read everyone’s books it’s better to do it my way and not accept unsolicited requests from any authors.

I use amazon search engine if I’m looking for a new book to read or a new author. What attracts me to a book first is the Title, then the cover. If I’m still interested I read the blurb. Then the first few pages of the book. If all good I make a purchase. If your book catches my eye organically that’s a different story. Then I might buy it, read it, maybe even review it. But it has to be found organically.

Life’s too short to read only to review. If you meet the criteria above, then you’re doing everything right. Keep on writing and improve your craft. The reviews will come, but they are not the b all and end all. Amazon takes them down as quickly as they put them up anyway so why sweat it?

Happy reading & writing!


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